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Welcome to Interior Design DC!

We offer residential and commercial interior design, home renovation, and home staging services to the Washington DC metropolitan area. With over 20 years of design experience and a lifelong passion for the arts, we are confident we can make your interior sing.

Our services

Interior Design

We are prepared to transform your home or commercial property into an elegant environment, appealing equally to your heart and to those of your guests.  The key to a successful interior is to prioritize order and comfort while balancing the harmony and contrast of the space’s tones and styles.

Home Renovation

We make home renovations painless by taking you through each step of the way, starting with a discussion and review of your desired improvements.  With a professional and outsider’s eye, we can bring our vision of your future space, with its practical and aesthetic implications.

Home Staging

Even if the bones of your house are not the most appealing, it is your interior that will entice the buyer.  A welcoming and sophisticated decor will show the potential and charm of your property while giving the buyer confidence in his or her investment.

Our latest works

Parisian Living Room
Parisian Living Room

Though light is flooding into this tall-ceilinged[...]

Foyer and Reception Area
Foyer and Reception Area

We treated this long and sizable entrance[...]

Mini Modern Open Kitchen
Mini Modern Open Kitchen

This small kitchen cum bar was originally[...]

Moorish Master Bathroom
Moorish Master Bathroom

We transformed a small space into a[...]

Tented Study Cum Library
Tented Study Cum Library

My client worked from home extensively[...]

Modern Bathroom for Fast-paced Life
Modern Bathroom for Fast-paced[...]

The existing lavish bathroom was wrapped[...]