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Christine was born in Paris, France, and growing up was immersed into the artistic bounty the capital has to offer.  Its museums, buildings, and apartments illustrating the various styles of the past centuries contributed to her artistic education while feeding her passion for art.

After first practicing law, Christine reverted to the arts and began decorating homes and painting murals.  In the past twenty years she has worked with clients, builders, and architects on residential and commercial projects, exploring at the same time every resource Washington can offer in the art, craftsmanship and design field.  Also a well-traveled artist, she brings along and his happy to share her cosmopolitan knowledge and sensibility.  Equally important, she is deeply imbued with the notion of quality, presiding in her opinion to everlasting décors that she couples with charm, chic, whim without ever forgetting functionality.

Christine favors calm and relaxing ambiances and orderly rooms that speak softly with genuine and quality elements, over boisterous decors that shout to you with bogus accessories.  She never leaves anything to chance but rather follows an ordinance that constitutes the spine of her design scheme.  She always consults with her customers to prioritize their visions and tastes, mindful of their mental and physical comfort. Everyone views one’s home differently: as a family center, a sanctuary, or an essential expression of social status; some prefer displaying more dash than cash or both!  She is also convinced that bringing small changes to an interior such as installing new curtains or making the walls appear taller or adding mirrors can go a long way without entailing large expenses.   There is not one given recipe for a successful interior decoration: fantasy, shabby chic, minimalism, tradition, wit, over scaling of details can all lead to wonderful decorative settings.

Christine’s dedicated enthusiasm, her extended artistic knowledge, her gift for artistic expression, over two decades of hands-on experiences, and a methodical organization all contribute to her success as an interior designer.