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Moorish Master Bathroom

Moorish Master Bathroom

We transformed a small space into a full- fledged bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub and two separate sinks, this was a great bathroom remodeling project. The wall and floor tiles and mosaic are the main decorative elements Рwe ordered them from North Africa.  We also brought artisans from Tunisia to complete the Zellige tile work (tiny enameled brick pieces used as a mosaic, e.g. the wave pattern). The walls were tiled up to three feet under the ceiling and the remaining surface was painted with a medium indigo wash.

Master bath with tub

Master bath with tub

The wash basin stands were custom made to receive painted doors from the ’40s showing Middle Eastern street scenes.

Mosaic sink in master bathroom.

Mosaic sink in master bathroom

Painted doors of wash basin stands.

Painted doors of wash basin stands

To add the final Moorish touch to this utilitarian room, we hung a Fez antique curtain above the tub alcove. The finalized bathroom exudes freshness and exuberance thanks to the tiles and the amusing posters and chromos from the ’40s and ’50s. Yes we are far from the bare look, but it is refreshing to create more personalized and meaningful interiors. Clutter can look wonderful sometimes!

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